Potter County Human Services Pennsylvania

Children and Youth Services

Children and Youth Services (CYS) works to protect children and youth (infancy through age 17) from neglect and abuse; to strengthen the family unit, the most important resource for the child's well-being; and to assure a child's right to a permanent, healthy family setting (relative placement, adoption, guardianship arrangement, or other approved living arrangement) in the absence of a safe, biological family environment for the child. Services offered by CYS include:

Case Management
Crisis Intervention 
Emergency Shelter
Foster Care
Group Home Service
Homemaking Education and Support
In-Home Services
Independent Living Skills
Information and Referral 
Parent Education
Parenting Support Groups 
Protective Services
Safety Training to Children 

For reporting of any concerns of child maltreatment or help for your own family, please contact Potter County Children and Youth Services at (800) 800-2560 or (814) 544-7315. For report of suspected child abuse, the statewide toll free CHILDLINE hotline number may be contacted at (800) 932-0313.

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