Potter County Human Services
What Is Case Management?

Case Management is a system that provides support to those drug and alcohol clients who are in need of ancillary services. Your case manager is a professional specifically trained to assist you in drug and alcohol problems as well as other major life issues and difficulties.

Your case manager is committed to helping you solve your problems. You and your case manager will review your situation privately to determine the areas where you need help. You team up together to solve problems that may seem overwhelming.

Clients with substance abuse problems require assistance in linking with multiple systems and support services since their needs are so complex. Your case manager will help you in determining what services are needed and will aid you in accessing these services.

Individuals will be identified as a target/priority population via the Cm intake-screening form or self-disclosure.

Once identified, every effort will be made to schedule an assessment within twenty-four (24) business hours of the initial request for services or at the convenience of the individual. Assessments for pregnant women and or IV drug users must be completed no later than forty-eight (48) business hours after the request for services unless the individual requests a later appointment.

Once identified, all individuals will be offered Case Management services.

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