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What Is Case Coordination?

DDAP defines Coordination of Services as a function of case management through which the SCA establishes an organized approach to coordinating service delivery in order to ensure the most comprehensive process for meeting an individual’s treatment and non-treatment needs throughout the recovery process. Through Coordination of Services, the SCA ensures that individuals with complex, multiple problems receive the individualized services they need in a timely and appropriate fashion. The process of Coordination of Services is intended to promote self-sufficiency and empower the individual to assume responsibility for his or her recovery. Coordination of Services is a collaborative process that includes the following activities: engagement, evaluation of needs, establishing linkages, arranging access to services ensuring enrollment in the appropriate healthcare coverage, advocacy, monitoring, and other activities to address client needs throughout the course of treatment.  Coordination of Services includes communication, information sharing, and collaboration, and occurs regularly with case management and/or provider staff serving the client within and between agencies in the community

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