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General Information
What does PCHS do?

We provide a variety of legally mandated and/or supportive social services to Potter County residents of all ages through 6 major departments: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs; Children and Youth; Aging; Mental Health; Intellectual Disabilities, and Coordinated Services (miscellaneous programs such as food shelter, homeless assistance and medical transportation.) Services can come in the form of case management support, out-patient or residential treatment, or direct provision of a service such as food, transportation or shelter.

How can I get help for myself or someone I'm concerned about?

Call our office at 814-544-7315 or toll free at 800-800-2560. Our receptionist will connect you to the proper department within our agency, or may direct you to a source outside of our agency if we are not able to help with your particular social service need.

When can I call?

Office hours are 8:00-4:30, Monday through Friday, except for holidays. If the office is closed and you have an emergency, you will be directed to call 911. (Aging protective services calls will be forwarded to an on-call worker.)

How do I report abuse or neglect of a child or an elderly person?

Call our office (814-544-7315 or 800-800-2560) and ask for Children and Youth or Aging Services, depending on the age group of the person involved.

Is the information that I share with your agency confidential?

Yes, the information provided to our agency is completely confidential and cannot be shared with others, by law. In fact, you must sign a specific "consent to release information" before we can discuss information about you or your family with other agencies, schools, individuals, etc. However, if it is determined that you are an imminent "danger to yourself or others," that information must be shared with the appropriate agency.

What does a caseworker do for my family?

Caseworkers provide a variety of supports to individuals and families including assessing the client or family need, responding to crises situations, linking the family with services, monitoring how services are going, and helping families gain the personal or community supports needed for stability and self-sufficiency.

Mentoring Program
What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a wise and loyal advisor or friend.  Mentoring is a responsible, caring, structured one on one relationship, which focuses on the needs of the young person. This type of supportive and nurturing relationship helps the young person develop to their fullest potential by allowing them to dream and believe in themselves.

Will I have enough time?

The average mentor will put in a minimum of 2 hours each week in services to the young person or mentee and family. This weekly commitment may come in larger or smaller doses, but is required to form a meaningful relationship between mentor and mentee. Consistency is also an important concern. That is why we are asking for a one year commitment from the mentor.

What are the mentor requirements?

Persons interested in becoming a mentor must be nineteen or older, possess a valid driver's license, have transportation available, be willing to have a background check, and preferably be a resident of Potter County. A mentor should enjoy spending time with young people, as well as have the ability to accept and relate to young people who may not share the mentor's lifestyle and values. The mentor should exhibit a great deal of common sense, friendliness, maturity, sensitivity, responsibility, commitment, and interpersonal skills.

How will I know what to do?

Mentors and mentees will be matched based on common interests. So most likely if you like to play computer games, hike, make crafts, or fish, the mentee will too. We will also be more than happy to give you suggestions and support.

Who would qualify as a Mentee?

Many young people qualify for our program. The young person must be between 10-17 years of age, a resident of Potter County and at risk of not reaching their fullest potential. If you know of a child who would benefit from a one on one relationship with a mentor please contact the Program Coordinator.

How are the Mentors and the Mentees matched?

A staff member will be reviewing the mentor and mentee applications to make the best possible match. The match will be based on interests, personality, gender, and location.

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