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Child Development Early Intervention

While all children grow and develop in unique ways, some children experience delays in their development. The Potter County Early Intervention (EI) program provides coaching support and services to families with children with developmental delays and
disabilities. This process promotes collaboration among parents, services providers, and others that are significantly involved with the child. Supports and services are designed to meet the developmental needs of children as well as the needs of the
family relating to enhancing the child’s development.

·      Special Instruction
·      Speech Therapy
·      Physical Therapy
·      Occupational Therapy
·      Special Instruction- Vision
·      Special Instruction- Hearing

Program Eligibility
Children from birth to age three who have special needs due to a developmental disability or significant developmental delay are eligible to receive Early Intervention Services.
Parents who have questions about their child’s development or would be interested in getting their child evaluated for services can call the office at (814)544-7315.
An Early Intervention Service Coordinator will be assigned to assist the family though the process.

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