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The Early Intervention Program offers and coordinates screenings and evaluations of children and developmental skills from birth up to three years old. For children who are determined to be eligible for services, there are a variety available to assist children in developing necessary skills. All Early Intervention Services are FREE to the families.

It's purpose is to prevent and/or to address, at an early stage, any delays in a child's development in the following areas: physical and motor development, speech, vision, hearing, and social and emotional& development.

Within Potter County Human Services, the coordination of these services is provided by the Early Intervention Service Coordinator. All evaluation, therapy, and instruction are provided by contracted providers. The Service Coordinator's primary responsibility is to complete screening of a child, make a referral for Independent Evaluation to determine eligibility, and then to coordinate the services to address any developmental delays as necessary. In addition, the Service Coordinator offers case management services to the families.

Children are eligible for Early Intervention services if they have:

a significant delay (25%) in one or more area of development compared to other children his or her age;
a physical disability, a hearing or vision loss;
a specialist's determination that there is a delay even though it doesn't show up on the assessments
know physical or mental conditions which have a high probability for developmental delays
Children who meet the following criteria but who are not eligible to receive services, may be eligible for tracking services if they meet any of the following:

under three and one half pounds birth weight
received care in a neonatal intensive care unit
born to chemically dependent mother
seriously abused or neglected
confirmed to have dangerous levels of lead poisoning
Early Intervention Services are voluntary and families have the right to accept or decline any portion or all of services offered at any time.

Upon referral, the Service Coordinator contacts the family to review Early Intervention Services with a family and offer screening of the child to them. The process begins at this point. All services provided through Early Intervention occur in the child's natural environment.

Children are no longer eligible for Early Intervention services when:

they no longer display a significant delay (25%) in their development
they turn three years old
their family chooses to end services for any reason

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