Potter County Human Services

Area Agency on Aging

The Potter County Area Agency on Aging (AAA) is one of 52 area agencies created by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging. Area Agencies assess and determine the needs of older people - especially the frail who are receiving care at home; develop a care management plan to provide those needs; coordinate and ensure that the services are delivered properly; and keep an on-going record. The mission of the Potter County Area Agency on Aging is to:
  • Support seniors and their families and with our services.
  • Act as an advocate on behalf of seniors.
  • Help ensure seniors legal, financial, physical and medical rights are protected.
  • Help seniors enjoy the highest level of independence and functioning possible.
  • Have information available to seniors and their families that will enable them to make informed and educated choices.
  • Help prevent physical, mental or financial abuse.
Funding comes from the Federal Older American's Act, Pennsylvania Lottery funds, Pennsylvania General Funds, Client Contributions, USDA and other revenues, and County Funds. Services are available to all older persons age 60 and who are residents of Potter County, but some services are limited by budget constraints. Priority for services is given to persons age 75 and older, who are frail or functionally disabled, live alone, and/or have a limited income.

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