Potter County Human Services

Coordinated Services

Coordinated Services is a unit within the Human Services system which provides for the administration and service delivery of the system's miscellaneous programs and grants. Specifically, Coordinated Services offers case management and service planning activities for Potter County residents who meet eligibility requirements and require such services.

The purpose of Coordinated Services is to:

  • Provide services to clients ages 18 through 60  with various needs 
  • Serve as a resource to the Human Services system
  • Appropriate new services; and
  • Expand existing resources as additional needs are identified by the system

Funding for Coordinated Services is through various grants and programs. Specifically, the grants include Human Services Development Fund (HSDF), Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP), Emergency Food and Shelter programs (EFSP), State Food Grants (TEFAP), and funds from some of the categorical programs in the agency.

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