Potter County Human Services

What Services Are Available?

  • Drug and Alcohol Assessments
  • Prevention Education
  • Assistance is accessing Drug and Alcohol or Mental Health Counseling
  • Assistance in job placement or training
  • Referral for GED education, testing, or literacy programs
  • Assistance in accessing educational / vocational opportunities
  • Obtaining or Coordinating Medical Treatment
  • Assistance in applying for Transportation Services
  • Transitional Services
  • Early Childhood Services Referrals
  • Positive Parenting Education Referrals
  • Assistance in accessing services to obtain suitable, safe housing
  • Referrals to any recovery services needed

How do I access these services?

Referrals for case coordination services may come from an outside source or you may call and ask for these services. 

The Drug and Alcohol Case Management Specialist will complete an assessment to determine eligibility and will then assist you in service planning and goal setting.  You may also be referred by other agencies for Case Coordination Services.

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