Potter County Human Services

Emergency Services

Mobile Crisis Service is provided where the individual is located. The Crisis Worker will go to where the individual in crisis is, and perform and evaluate the situation. This may take place within the home or community, at the hospital, or other site, as necessitated by the needs of the individual. Services will be recommended dependant upon the evaluated needs of the individual, and may include referral for outpatient services, or referral for inpatient treatment. Should inpatient treatment be the necessary treatment, the crisis worker will make all necessary arrangements.

Telephone Crisis is, as its name implies, accessed through a telephone call. During the course of the call, the worker will evaluate the degree of crisis and determine whether the crisis may be handled on the telephone, possibly with a referral to another service, or if a more immediate, face-to-face response is required. The individual may be referred to another service provider for follow-up or the worker may determine that the individual should be seen immediately.

Crisis Walk-In is a service which is provided during regular service hours. The individual who is in crisis presents themselves to the Crisis program and is seen on an immediate basis. Based on the Crisis Workers evaluation of the individual, the individual may be referred to another agency for service, such as Outpatient Services, or the worker may recommend inpatient treatment for the individual. If the determination is for inpatient treatment, the worker will make all necessary arrangements, such as bed space and transportation.

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