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Family Support

Family Support Services (FSS) are a variety of services which are funded through the Mental Health/ Mental Retardation Department which allow the mentally retarded individual to remain within their home. These services are varied, and dependent upon need. They include, but are not necessarily restricted to:

Respite is for individuals who live with family, or within a family living situation. Respite allows the individual to receive services within the home of another (or within their own home) where they can continue to receive supervision, while the family is able to other tasks. This may be overnight, over a weekend, or longer, dependent on need.

Habilitation service works within the home and community with the individual to aid the individual to learn basic social skills and reinforce skills already developed. The services are based upon a service plan, which lays out the services needed and how they will be performed. The habilitation aid works on a one-to-one basis with the individual.

Family Aid service allows the individual to receive care within their home, which helps them to remain in their home. This may include assistance with hygiene, meals preparation, housekeeping, as well as other services.

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