Potter County Human Services

Living Arrangements

Community Living Arrangements (CLA) allow residents to remain in the community through the provision of certain living arrangements. There are various levels of guidance depending on the mental stability of the person. The goal of these arrangements are to keep people in the community and allow them to live the most normal life every day.

Family Living Homes is a licensed residential option for individuals who choose to live in a "family setting" receiving personalized care from Family Living Providers. This program is contracted through Charles Cole Memorial Hospital. The maximum number of individuals in a home is two.

Adult Training/Supported Employment Services are provided at the Adult Training Facility (ATF) in Shinglehouse. These services are contracted through Charles Cole Memorial Hospital.

Licensed Community Residential Services in Potter County consists of three CLA homes. Potter County individuals placed in centers outside of the county also receive case management services to monitor treatment plans and assess appropriateness of placement.

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