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Are you interested in being a Foster Parent??


What is Foster Parenting?

  Ø  An opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life

  Ø  Caring for a child who has been abused/neglected until his/her parent(s) can resume the responsibility, or a permanent home can be found

  Ø  A commitment to helping children and their families through a difficult period

  Ø  Providing love and guidance and then letting go

  Ø  Learning and developing the parenting skills needed to meet the unique needs of each child

Foster Parent Requirement…..

  Ø  You must be at least (21) years of age

  Ø  Pass a medical appraisal by a licensed physician

  Ø  Pass screening requirements related to child abuse and criminal history clearances

Who can be a Foster Parent?

  Ø  Anyone!

Who are the Children that need Foster Care?

  Ø  Foster children are often siblings, who need to be placed together

  Ø  Babies through teens, who are any race or religion

  Ø  Like other children, some may have medical needs

  Ø  Most have been physically or sexually abused or neglected

As a result of difficult life experiences, some of the children’s behaviors may be challenging and may require ongoing counseling/therapy!

Other things to Consider…

  Ø  Am I willing to work with social worker and other community professionals, advocate for the child’s needs in school, counseling and medical community?

  Ø  Do I have energy and time enough to give foster children the attention they need?

  Ø  Do I have family, friends or other support systems that you can call on for support?

  Ø  Am I able to ask for help and not be embarrassed?

Foster Family Residence Requirements…

            Your Residence Must Have:

Ø  One flush toilet, one wash basin and one bath or shower with hot/cold running water

Ø  An operable heating system

Ø  An operable telephone

Sleeping areas shall meet the following criteria…

Ø  No unsuitable area such as a hall, stairway, unfinished basement or attic, garage, bathroom, eating area, closet, shed or detached building

Ø  Separate bedrooms for Foster Children of the opposite sex who are 5 years of age or older

Ø  Each foster child shall be provided with a clean, comfortable mattress and clean linens, blankets and pillow

More information can be obtained by contacting:

Potter County Children and Youth Services
62 North Street, P.O. Box 241
Roulette, PA 16746-0241
814-544-7315 or toll free 800-800-2560

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